Friday, June 04, 2010


Jurgen Wolff has recently forwarded an email relating to his reading of Dan S. Kennedy's book, "No B.S. Business Success in the New Economy.' While it's a 'Business' book, it has some important things to say to writers and other artists too (as Jurgen pointed out).

"Every successful achievement begins with decision. Most unsuccessful lives are conspicuously absent of decision." [Yup, can agree with that. If you don't decide you will get on with a particular project, it won't happen.]

"You have to reject the entire idea of limited choices. Limitations, rules, industry norms—these are for other people, but not for you. Reject any idea that removes any option from your table."
[Interesting thought: not sure how it works out for me, but worth considering.]

"To succeed as an entrepreneur requires decision and determination—total, unwavering commitment…you have to develop and embrace attitudes, habits, and behaviours that are markedly different from those of most of the people you’ve known."

"To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must set aside your neediness for acceptance from others. Immunity to criticism is a “secret” shared by all the highly successful entrepreneurs that I know." [Oh....this is SO true. The need for acceptance, particularly from fellow artists, is something I constantly think I need. ]

"You have to set aside your “book of excuses” once and for all." [Yup!]

"THE characteristic that tends to distinguish the winners from the losers is the relentless conversion of problems to opportunities, negatives to positives." [Yup again!]
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