Thursday, October 14, 2010

Oh dear

The following notes are adapted from a report on the Out of Ur site.

This week the largest atheist organization in the USA gathered in Los Angeles for a conference. It was a conference marked by schism and disunity. The Council for Secular Humanism (that most tolerant of groups) met to pour out contempt upon Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Religious faith was called “nonsense,” “superstition,” and adherents were described as “ignorant” and “stupid.”

But that wasn't enough for them. A conflict erupted between two camps within the atheist movement. On one side were the “new atheists” who believe in open confrontation with religious believers. Rather than a “live and let live” approach, they believe religion must be called out for the sham that it is.

On the other side are the “accommodationists.” These more moderate atheists don’t believe direct confrontation with the religious is warranted. They even advocate partnering with religious people to advance issues of mutual concern.

One 'new atheist’s' response to an accommodationist’s comment was “nearly physical.”

Oh, dear. And I thought it was only Christians who couldn't get along with each other....
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