Thursday, February 10, 2011

White Blackberry

I think one of the first zip drives (pen drives) I had could only hold 128 megabytes of data on it. And no doubt it cost a heap. My daughter has just been telling me that a few years back she bought a 1 gb drive for a friend which cost $NZ80 at the time. Now they're selling 4gb drives for two for $20. All the kids are getting them for school - and no doubt losing them as fast as they acquire them.

I've just been looking at a site that sells Blackberry bolds for $US99.99, which at today's exchange rate is a ridiculous $NZ129.75. Buying a Blackberry for $130 is crazy; only a short while ago they in the region of $700-800.

These kind of prices rather reduce the exclusiveness of Blackberries - it doesn't seem long ago that characters in movies would nonchalantly mention their 'Blackberry' and another character would gasp and say....You have a Blackberry? Now they'd say....So what?

And talking of Blackberries, if you haven't seen the skit set in a fruit shop with Ronnie Corbett (the One Ronnie) catch up with it now.....

Note the white blackberry. Isn't that an oxymoron?
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