Sunday, October 28, 2012

Retail shelving

One of the things that used to be a pain when I ran OC Books was the lack of decent shelving.  We were forever fixing up or adjusting or repainting the shelving we had, and it was never adequate for the books we were trying to display.  When we moved from Dowling St to Prince St, my wife and I spent an evening undoing all the shelves on three units, painting everything, and then refitting the shelves in places that were more usable, because books went from being smallish in general, to being larger altogether.  Of course there were still smaller books, such as the mass market paperbacks, but they were increasingly being replaced by bigger formats.

I would dearly loved to have had the chance to visit a commercial outlet dedicated to retail shelving, like the retail shelving at, but we never had the spare cash for such outlay, and had to be content with secondhand stuff, fixing it up, adjusting it, and repainting it.   Such is the life of a small business owner....
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