Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rules for Safety with Fire Works

And one other item of interest that one of my sons wrote - it has some wonderful pictures, such as a burning house with a speech bubble saying Help! and a pet saying Echh! , and a boy with large shoelaces saying Arr! as an explosion goes off in front of him (with a BOOM!) and a round firework (presumably) sails over his head.
Unfortunately I can't get my scanner to go at present, otherwise I'd reproduce it here.  Seems like he did it for a school topic.  The following text - with its delightful last line - is as writ.

Safety with Fire Works
Be careful with fire works and don't muck around. 
Here are some rules: When you light a fire work stand well away from it and if it doesn't go off don't go and see what the matter is.  
Keep your pets in side or they could be hit or deafened by a fire work.  
Don't leave fireworks in your pocket or they could blow your pants off. 
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