Friday, October 05, 2012

Garden matters

Back in late September I posted an item about the lamb that we looked after for a weekend.  And the video I took of him playing with our two-year old dog (it's now reached a phenomenal 99 views!  LOL).  We've got the lamb once more this weekend, because my daughter and her family are away again, and we've spent the last couple of days (on and off) putting together a temporary fence in front of the vegetable garden(s) so that the lamb doesn't eat all our carefully-planted seedlings, some of which are only just getting started.  The place is beginning to look like a gardener's version of Fort Knox. 

At one early point in our planning as to how we were going to stop Rocko the lamb eating everything in sight, we were debating whether some of the garden furniture would keep him at bay, but we ditched that idea early on. (Perhaps we could have utilised some abandoned student furniture instead, but we wanted to keep the place looking reasonably tidy...)

This is the second time we've had to provide fencing: since the dog became part of the family, whenever we've planted potatoes we find he's gone out and dug them up again - because of the blood and bone mix that we put in the hole with the seed potato.  So the last year or so we've grown potatoes inside a fenced-off area.  This works well, even if it does frustrate the dog a little. 
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