Friday, March 01, 2013

Book clearance

We've been having a major clear-out of books from our house.  We're planning on having a garage sale in a week or so,to see if we can sell some of them then; otherwise we'll take them down to the Regent. 

When I say, 'major' I mean huge.  We've taken down one set of shelves completely - these ones hung on the wall, and were one of the first set of book shelves we put up in the house.  We've no further use for another set of shelves - at least not for books.  And we have space on two other sets of shelves in case we happen to acquire any more books.   Hopefully, with a large number of them moving on, we won't find that they've been breeding overnight to such an extent as seems to have been the case in the past.

Of course there have been some finds: books we'd forgotten about; envelopes with old letters, or aerograms that have been used as bookmarks; postcards, greetings cards, and more.  Some of them no longer have any relevance, but one or two have been real rediscoveries.   

It's quite a task to clear out books you've had for decades - you grow attached to the sight of them round the house, even if you don't actually ever read them again.  A few of them I'm sorry to see go (especially those I bought at some expense and which turned out to be duds!), but for the most part we've been able to throw out multitudes of books without too much qualm.  The house is already feeling a good deal lighter - in weight.

So what kind of books are they?  Well, there are a heap of novels; a heap of history books (my son left these behind when he went to the States) on a wide range of subjects; a boxful of Dr Who stories (same son left these behind), a bunch of Christian books that have become surplus to my requirements; and innumerable non-fiction titles that we just don't need to keep giving a home.

The books are going to go out at very reasonable prices, so if you like books, it may be worth your while checking them out! (Incidentally, they're not all decades old: there are a number of quite new books, - a few in pristine condition - that we just don't want).  

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