Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Archives online

Over on one of my other blogs, I've been posting letters that I sent home from the UK in 1968/9, when I went to the London Opera Centre to study for a year in the repetiteurs' class.  The letters cover all manner of things: my relationship with my flatmate, friends and relatives I knew and visited and went out with, shows I went to see (particularly operas: we used to get in free) and movies, and just how life was in that particular time.  I thought the letters might interest one or two people, but in fact I've heard from several people who've been reading them - though not, so far, my old flatmate! 

I've added notes where appropriate, in some case to clarify who or what I'm talking about, and in some cases I've added links to the places or people I've mentioned. 

It's kind of like having archives online.

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