Saturday, March 09, 2013

Book sale

You have to be hard-hearted when you're getting rid of books.  In our book sale today we've sold all the Dr Who titles we had - over a hundred of them.  They weren't a problem sentimental-wise, because they belonged originally to my son and we had no attachment to them.  But seeing some other books go out at 50c which were books that you once loved, is a little different....!  On the other hand we've also sold a lot of books that we've never loved particularly: they've just managed to find their way onto our shelves and take up space.  There's something about books; no matter how hard you try to get rid of them, new ones call out for a place in your house.

The sale was listed to start at 8 am, though we expected we might get a few early birds.  However, the really early bird arrived at 6.20, and my daughter, from her upstairs window, told them to come back no earlier than 7.30.  I think the Dr Who were the drawcard.   At 6.20 we weren't even up.  Having something like this going on at your house means you don't sleep well anyway (it's like having to get up early to catch a plane) and both of us had had a disturbed night.  Plus the dog decided to do a funny coughing thing about 4 am, and wouldn't settle.  Most unusual.  Maybe he was concerned as to how many people he was going to have to bark at during the morning.

Anyway we had someone else (a dealer) come just around seven and thought we might as well get on with it. Another couple of guys - also dealers - arrived with a great whiz and a bang ten minutes later, barging into the house as though we'd better not stop them or else!  Strange way to come into someone's home. 

Subsequent customers have been much more polite, and we've had some interesting conversations, and have caught up with some people we haven't seen for a while.  We've cleared around 180 books this morning, but there are still some twenty boxes sitting there, though they're not so tightly packed as they were.  Well, we'll see what the rest of the day brings.  At the moment there's a bit of a lull...
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