Friday, March 01, 2013

Bird Launching

I never knew that there was such a thing as a bird launcher for those who shoot birds for sport.   I've seen those machines that send clay discs into the air, of course, because they often appear in the movies or on TV.  Downton Abbey is probably the most recent example. 

But a bird launcher, such as the Zinger Winger? Seemingly you load up the bird launcher with a creature such as a quail, pigion, pheasant or duck, and then, using a remote, you can lose the trap door and the bird flies out.  Supposedly this is so you can train your pointing or flushing dog, but surely it's also to train you, yourself, to shoot the aforesaid bird.  There are even springs that give the bird a boost out of the trap.  

Forget employing 'beaters' to beat the creatures out of their natural habitats.  This is the new, improved method.  Though nowhere that I can see does it mention where you find your birds to fill the traps.  Maybe there's a place for beaters after all?
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