Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Does Google do an automatic crawl?

For years I was put off automatic cars because of the trouble we had with the original automatic we owned. It was a lovely car - can't remember the model, but it was white (if that's any help!), and I was using it to drive round Dunedin while I sold brushes for Bon Brushes. One of my less inspiring occupations.
The lovely white automatic broke down one day and was pronounced beyond repair, because, supposedly in those days, once the automatic bit went the car had had it. Despair and much gnashing of teeth. Fortunately some friends of ours lent us a little Mini for the interim until we managed to get our own car again. (I can't remember how we managed that, now, but we must have done it some how.)
We now own another automatic, a Mitsubishi Chariot, and we've been assured that the days of automatics breaking down beyond repair are long gone. I was reminded of all this because I was just reading about steering racks, and thought I'd check up on the Chariot's while I was there.
I don't actually have any idea what a steering rack is, and the site didn't make me any the wiser -except that it's obviously something that makes the steering work, in some way.
Someone who won't be any the wiser either is the person who put in the search query: I want to know how Google crowl. Now I'm flattered about this, except he was obviously asking how Google crawled. Yet again people don't know how to spell a simple word and consequently make themselves more confused than ever!
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