Tuesday, June 21, 2011

3 unrelated things

1. We now know, because someone researched it, that fathers and their children playing roughhouse is good for them....

Someone has to research these things otherwise what we know instinctively couldn't be classed as 'real,' 'true' or (wait for it) 'scientific.'

2. Dunedin's public toilets - the kind where you walk in, press a red button and have the door slowly close behind you - have musak playing. They have had the same short piano piece playing for the last decade, or possibly longer. This piece, which sounds like something Richard Clayderman might have played (trivial, in other words), has a glitch in it - perhaps it's where they joined the music to make a kind of loop of it, so that the twenty or so bars join to each other endlessly.

Years ago I rang the Council to ask if they could possibly fix it so that the glitch wasn't obvious. The man who responded seemed to think I didn't have enough to do with my time - or that I used public toilets too often. I'd thought this horrible little bit of music/musak had gone the way of the do-do, but nope. When I used the public toilet in Frederick St today (the first time I've used one for some months, incidentally) there it was still playing. I even waited longer than necessary to see if the 'join' was still there. It was.

3. I used to be part of Amazon affiliates....in fact, there was a period when every time I mentioned a book in a blog a large Amazon ad would appear if you happened to pass your mouse over the title. This seems to have vanished from my blog pages, perhaps because I didn't renew my affiliation, or somesuch. Perhaps it was because I never seemed to make any money out of it and I stopped bothering. (I've just checked and it seems my password still works, however.)

Now Google's got in on the act, and soon (at present it's only happening in the States) you'll be able to be an affiliate with Google ebooks.

There's nothing on the Internet that Google doesn't want to get a look in on...so it seems.

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