Friday, March 23, 2012

A few questions off the top of my head

Poor old Mr now gets just $60,000 a month to care for himself and his family.  Oh, dear.

Why do they actually need nannies?   Aren't they capable of looking after their own children, the way other people do?

Why do they need bodyguards?  Only people who have lots of enemies need bodyguards.  Does Mr D.C have enemies?  Or does he just think he does because he has/had so much money?   And why did he think it necessary to install a panic room?  What was he going to be panicking about?

Lots of questions, including why the FBI actually wants him.  He always sounds so....innocent...

I can understand why they might need someone to mow the lawns...although pushing a handmower around wouldn't do Mr D.C any harm, by the looks of him.  It's a good, physical occupation.

Apparently he had back-to-back meetings yesterday.  That sounds not only uncomfortable, but suspiciously like he actually runs a business.  Yet all we see him doing on the TV is looking rather out of place amongst skinny women and good-looking blokes on yachts and in fast cars and at badly-lit parties.

Maybe he should have called himself Mr Enigma.
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