Friday, March 16, 2012

Grimhilda! gets a poster

Here's the poster for Grimhilda!  The overall design is what I had in mind, but of course the details are a little different.  Thanks to Andy Cook who did the artwork.  Those mountains of Grimhilderness look ominous and very difficult to get through.

We're moving forward on the advertising side of things, with the radio ads scripted and getting ready to go at the beginning of the new month.  We're also going to do a promo at the Dunedin Public Library on the 18th April, at 12.30.   Quite which bits of the show we'll present at that point is still up for grabs and depends on which members of the cast are available; we've already heard from some of them that they're keen to be there.

And tickets will go on sale next week, all things being equal.  The Regent Theatre website will soon have advertising on it for the show.  The Dunedin City Council "What's On" section already has the advertising up.

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