Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nowhere near Finnished

The other day politician, Gerry Brownlee, spoke rather disparagingly about Finland, in Parliament.  The Finns, supposedly, have raised his comments to the state of being a national issue.   Or not.

However, today  is trending high on Twitter.  Here are some of the (better) entries:

In Finland, Angry Birds is considered a documentary @lyndonhood

In Finland, potato is considered a delicacy @DocRacoon

You think the marmite shortage is bad here? It's MUCH worse in Finland @karenhurley

Linus Torvalds is Finnish; Kim Dotcom is half-Finnish. Are you Finnish? I haven't even begun yet.  @dritchie

Gerrry Brownlee failed my toast rack in woodwork. He said no-one cares about the finnish. @DavidSlack

Maori have 200+ words for kumara, Finns have 200+ words for snow; but both have only 2 words to describe Gerry Brownlee...  @TUMEKE_blog

Gerry Brownlee is skilled in the art of    @toad001

They invented Lapp dancing.  @secondzeit

A traditional Finnish breakfast is a litre of warm vodka poured over half a dozen Weet-Bix.   @AndreAlessi

Coincidentally, just as NZ has musical siblings Tim & Neil Finn, Finland has famous musical brothers Tim & Neil Zealand  @OMGLOGWTF

Gerry Brownlee stabbed by patron in Helsinki restaurant. Not because he offensive bore, but because he Finnish buffet.  @globalparochial

And still they come.  
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