Friday, March 02, 2012

Musicians for Grimhilda!

Now that we've mostly got our cast together - we're just waiting for two Bears to arrive (one is in the pipeline, hopefully) - we're beginning the search for musicians for our pit orchestra.

Please note, this isn't a paid gig.  Sorry, but our budget doesn't stretch to paying's the way amateur theatre always used to be!   Performances dates: 27-29th April, and 3rd to 6th May.

We'll be looking for:

1 and 2 violins (minimum of two each)

cor anglais (we may have this role filled, but it's not definite yet)

bass trombone (again, this position should already be filled)

two percussion players

piano (playing on a digital piano, as getting a piano into the Mayfair pit is a bit of a nightmare)
celesta (played on a digital keyboard) this is quite an important part in the score, so the percussion players won't be able to include it in their roles.

If you can fill any of these roles, or know someone who can, let me know.

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