Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The rain it raineth...not quite every day.

Just as well we got to work in the garden this morning - in the glaring sun and intense heat (slight hyperbole there): here comes the rain.   It's been a lovely morning in Dunedin, so lovely in fact that the Otago Daily Times decided to print something funny!   When I say print, of course, I mean online.  

They headed up this piece, Strange excitement as sun appears above Dunedin.  It even quotes tweets that were tweeted less than a half an hour ago.  Careful, ODT, you'll be starting to get really up with the online play.  (Yes, we do remember the days when we couldn't read the ODT online unless we paid for it.)

Not my ski rack
Well, even if it rains, I don't think I'll have to put the skis in the Thule ski racks - it feels as though it's going to stay warm for some time yet. (Anyway, I don't actually have any skis.) And I'm still wearing a short-sleeved shirt, which I had to change into after I'd been out for a walk with the dog and nearly sweltered in my zip-up cardigan.   Even the dog slowed down considerably.

People who aren't Dunedin born and bred tend to get a bit sniffy about Dunedin weather, as though for some reason the weather here should behave like it does in other parts of the country.  But Dunedinites take the weather as it comes: if it rains, it rains; it the sun shines, it shines; if there's now, well, fair enough, there's snow.   No use complaining about the sun not shining when the weather has dictated that the rain will pour.  That's just a way to get yourself in a little knot.  Don't sweat the small stuff when it comes to the weather, I say.
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