Thursday, March 29, 2007

As so often happens when you intend to remember quotes from books by putting scraps of paper in the page concerned, you come back to the page and can’t remember which bit you thought was worth quoting. So for the time being, an end has come to Hornby quotes.
In the meantime, HitTails has once again thrown up a whole bunch of disparate keywords, including the following:

Athletes hand – and ‘itch between finger’
Swim brass crowl
Bill Roache
Coronation Street
Brent Stavig
Maggie Teyte Prize 2007
De mortuis nil nisi bene
Anna Leese
Toyota Townace

Boy, they’re a mixed bunch. It’s good to see Anna Leese makes the list again, and the Maggie Teyte prize. But how did Bill Roache get in there? Turns out I have mentioned the bloke – and even included a picture of him when he were but a lad. Though the post had more to do with US soaps than British ones.
The swim brass crowl no doubt goes back to the fact that people can’t spell ‘crawl’ and Brent Stavig may have to do with a comment I made about books beside my bed, one of which was by Arthur Stavig.
The Toyota Townace has certainly been mentioned, but de mortuis nil nisi bene? Yes, to my surprise, it turns up in a post on Sigmund Freud.
I’m satisfied now. I hate to think of people coming to my blog without good reason. The only disturbing thing is how quickly I forget what I've written about!

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