Monday, March 12, 2007

You call this FUN?

Florida’s back in the news as far as my posts are concerned: this time in relation to Disneyland and other Orlando theme parks. I can’t say I’m a great fan of theme parks and their like, though Disneyland has to have a certain proprietory appeal merely because of its being so well-known. When my wife and I went to Melbourne a few years ago, we visited Luna Fun Park in St Kilda. Fun? I don’t see anything fun about having yourself whisked around at great speed, up and down and inside out. There was a rather nice roundabout there, with elderly decorations on it, but beyond this, we really didn’t much get involved. Both of us had an awful memory of going on some ride in the UK years ago, where we were sitting in saucer-shaped seats, spun around at speed at the same time as the whole ride was going around. We came off the thing feeling ill and unable to stand up straight.
Still, my personal preferences aside, many people do enjoy fun parks, and Orlando Fun Tickets site, where you can get Walt Disney World Tickets, is obviously the place to book if you’re going to go to Disneyland and its environs.
Disneyland also offers the rather awkwardly-named Magic Your Way tickets. These are basically tickets in which you can choose what you want to go on rather than leaving up to someone who’s decided that ride number fourteen isn’t as popular as it should be so let’s bung everyone on there. And they’ve structured the pricing so that you save more if you stay longer. They have a catchy little phrase: ‘the longer you play, the more you save,’ which to my ear is clunky rather than catchy. You expect it to run: ‘the longer you play, the more you stay,’ or something of that ilk, but no, some artisan with a tin ear thinks play and save have a natural ring to them.
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