Saturday, March 17, 2007

Missing Out on the Prize

Now here’s something Google could take up. It would blow this already popular search engine away. Whenever you search, you get a chance to win a prize. Man, I search Google all day long; think of the opportunities it would present!
Well, Google doesn’t do this, but Winzy does.
Winzy is a search engine where every search puts you line to win a free prize, prizes like iPods and Nintendos and Amazon Gift Certificates and even cash. I tried putting my name in it, and very obligingly, out of the first ten results, it brought up eight relating to me. Mike Crowl of Conroe High School only got two – and the first of those was sixth on the list. Very impressive. Google never does that! I’m seldom in the top one hundred.
But Google doesn’t offer prizes either. Oh, dear, what to do? Will I ally myself to Winzy? And then I see those fateful words: offer only available in the US of A or Canada – excluding Quebec. The poor people of Quebec must feel as downhearted as I do.
Winzy also offers online games. I can join in the free ones, like Deal or No Deal, but I guess the prize version of this again excludes me and the people from Quebec. I never knew I had any kinship with them before, and that alone has almost made up for missing out on searching the Net with prizes glowing before my eyes.

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