Sunday, March 11, 2007

The joy of wellness - and an orange

I must have picked up a bug that’s going around: the vomity bug, I’ve been calling it, since various members of my family have had it at different times over the last few months. I’d avoided it so far, but on Friday afternoon I noticed I wasn’t my best, feeling shaky and headachy, and I left work with a desire to go home and do nothing. However, apart from feeling as though I had a cold, and being a bit crook in the joints, I was mostly all right, and on Saturday morning I got up intending to do some cleaning up round the house with my wife.
Well, within half an hour I knew this wasn’t going to happen: no energy, and real aching now around my back and neck, and unable to concentrate. Took some Panadol, but that didn’t make much difference, and survived until around lunchtime when I had some lunch. Which I lost later in the day. And lost more of later again.
I must say, at least, this wasn’t your awful retching type of vomiting; the stuff came up as easy as pie and almost comfortably. But it took me until this morning to feel right.
I’d stopped eating anything after the first lot of vomiting, and my wife went and got me some ginger beer, which my mother always used to swear by when the stomach was playing up. It certainly does stay down, and whatever it does, is okay by me. Late last night I had an orange, the most juicy, most wonderful orange ever tasted by man. And it stayed down too.
It’s only when you’ve been unwell that you realise just how well you are most of the time. I got up this morning, and apart from being rather stiff from lying down so long, I was fine. Ate breakfast with no problems (in fact, my stomach had been grumbling in the ‘I’m hungry’ mode for some minutes before I got up). Wellness is a wonderful thing, and I recommend it highly!
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