Friday, March 02, 2007

PayPerPost goes for Gold!

Back on the PayPerPost tack again. I haven’t had time to go on their site for a few days, because my evenings have been a bit booked up, but I see now that almost every ‘opportunity’ is in colour, which means that you just can’t take it. The few that remain uncoloured are in such a minority that it’s a wonder you can find them. I said a few posts back that they’d gone upwardly postile, (as opposed to mobile) and things have got worse. There are even complaints on their site’s blog about the issue, but the problem doesn’t appear to be getting heard by PPP. At the same time as they’ve been chopping out the little fellows, they’ve been promoting something called Postie.con on their site, which, since I don’t often read their blog, I haven’t really caught up with. But a few of their bloggers have said that instead of playing around with Postie.con, they ought to be fixing the things that do need to be fixed, like the speed of their site, which would hardly give a snail a run for its money.
One blogger wrote that she can no longer make any money at PPP and that all the changes are terrible. I have to agree. She adds that even with a Google ranking of 4 or 5 she can only write about ‘high interest payday loans that loans destroy poor people, or silly online dating sites, and I will not blog bout those on my site.’ She also questions the idea that a 300-word post should require a Google ranking of 7 (does Amazon get a 7?) when it only pays US$6. She asks, ‘Why would anyone waste their time writing 300 words for $6 on a high ranking blog?’
I can only agree, yet PPP seems oblivious to all this. They’re plainly going for gold with their blog marketing, telling us that the new segmentation system awards bloggers with high traffic blogs. Well, big deal, that’s no news.
They say that we could make $1000 for a single sponsored post! Hmm, I haven’t seen any $1000 opportunities, but again, what sort of traffic would a blog need to gain that much money for a single post? Come on, PPP, let’s get real.
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