Friday, March 23, 2007

Gonna struggle no more!

Well, you learn something every day – or should, since there’s a vast amount of information out there in the world!
The Dr Kellogg who developed Kellogg’s cornflakes, and other well-known cereals, began in a little place called Battle Creek, in Michigan. Kellogg wasn’t just a cereal man, but believed deeply in the benefits of holistic medicine, that is, medicine that wasn’t primarily drug-focused, but based in the normal healing of the body and other natural resources. He thought saunas were great for healing, and having spent even a few minutes in a sauna each time I go to the swimming pool, I can only agree. Although it’s bloomin’ hot to get into for starters!
Battle Creek is around five miles from the Stone Hawk drug rehab centre – or perhaps it’s more accurate to say it the other way round: Stone Hawk is around five miles from downtown Battle Creek. And Stone Hawk is also a place that believes strongly in a drug-free treatment of addicts. (Apparently many drug centres continue to use drugs as part of their treatment.) I read through a good deal of the information on their site: apart from being one of the best rehab centres in the US, with a 76% success rate, they’re situated beside a private lake called St Mary’s Lake. Have a look at the photo: just looking at it makes you feel better!
I’ve never had an addiction problem, thank the Lord (the first cigarette I was offered by an uncle years ago did nothing but make me cough and splutter – to the amusement of my assembled relatives – and that put me off smoking entirely), though like most human beings, no doubt, I’ve struggled with various things that want to take over my life at times. But the people at Stone Hawk are all ex-addicts, so they know the difficulties, and know that it’s possible to break free. Sounds a bit like Christianity, really!
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