Sunday, August 03, 2008

Going back to the draft

I began to reread the novel (My Twin is Dying is the working title) I've been working on for the last three or four years (very spasmodically) again today, just to see what I felt about it now. I'd revised quite a bit of the early stuff a few months ago, so the opening couple of chapters seemed pretty much okay. There are two possible criticisms my internal editor immediately pointed out:

1. the beginning of the novel might be a bit slow, maybe
2. there isn't enough 'texture': smells, sounds, touch sensations, those sort of things.

Well, there are certainly more than there were in previous drafts, but now they turn up in some sections and less so in others. This is certainly something that needs work. I'm off to read some more of it - and try and encourage myself that it's worth pursuing further.

(Before I did that, I checked out a shortish video on the Sony Vaio. It's worth watching, though there are so many choices amongst what seems to be a small group of laptops, that I quickly began to struggle to figure out which one would be of interest!)


Anonymous said...

It's a fantastic title.

Mike Crowl said...

Hey, that's encouraging, Mark!

Now you might see it in print one day!!