Friday, August 08, 2008

Street Art

Those innumerable readers (all 3 of you) who haven't been engrossed in catching up with some 0 balance transfer from one credit card to another, and who check out this blog every day of the week, will no doubt notice that I've been adding a bunch of links down the side. They're all to blogs written in Dunedin, and I've been tracking them down bit by bit. Came across a site today called Dunedin blogs, in fact, and it had some that were new to me, including a delightful one called Dunedin Streets, produced by Sophie. Sophie has apparently been going round Dunedin's byways and highways photographing 'street art' (known to most of us as graffiti) and she has a mixed bag of superb pieces, careless art and what seems to me to be a fairly low form of the medium. Well worth checking out.

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