Friday, August 01, 2008

The Top Ten

What's important about these ten names or items?

Athlete's hand
James Berardinelli (the self-taught film reviewer)
Mike Crowl
Brent Stavig (singer, bandsman, actor?)
Shrinking Shirts
Karl Maugham (whose name is properly spelt as Karl Maughan)
Chrissie Popadics
Nintendo Jewellery
Athlete's fingers
Michael Crowl

They're the ten top search phrases on my HitTail list. Note that I appear under two guises; James Berdinelli comes higher than me on the list (!), both athlete's hand and athlete's fingers appear, and Chrissie Popadics, about whom I've only ever written once as far as I recall, manages to get to 7th place. The mysterious item, Nintendo jewellery is there, and Karl Maugham, incorrectly spelt comes in at 6th place.

The names or phrases that make up the second ten are just as an intriguing bunch:
Henry Lewis Gates
religious jeans
La Monte Young (a composer)
The Great Divorce notes (C S Lewis' incomparable book)
Ronnie Rinalde (the whistler)
Stephen de Pledge (the pianist)
Hitchcock auteur
Athlete hand (can't get away from this one - maybe I should write all my posts about it!)
Brother of the More Famous Jack (a novel)
Church going notes (I have no idea why this gets picked up)

Singers Claire Barton and Kiri te Kanawa don't quite make it into the top twenty, but some form of search for athlete's fingers, hands, itchiness, feet, toes etc makes another ten or so appearances - in the first 350 entries. The same phrase, in some form, appears four times in the top ten Google Analytics keywords as well. Maybe I should forget writing about art and become the blog for athlete's feet!
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