Saturday, July 23, 2011

Perfectly strange

Short of something I really wanted to watch on DVD the other night, I picked up Perfect Stranger, a film that should have been good because it starred Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. It was thinly disguised porn, to be honest, and I watched only about twenty minutes before deciding I'd had enough of the f word, enough of the sleazy online chat stuff, and enough of the general amoral atmosphere that the film inhabits.

Halle Berry does her best with the role, but her character isn't one you have much sympathy for - she rants and raves when she doesn't get her own way, she supposedly takes up investigating her long-time friend's murder because she's her long-time friend, and then runs round believing that the Willis character is the murderer in spite of nothing more than some circumstantial evidence. Willis does his sleaze-bag look, something he's done better in one or two other movies, and Giovanni Ribisi, he of the shifty eyes, plays "one of those convenient nerdy tech-savant characters who can hack into ultra-secure databases with dizzying speed" as Peter Bradshaw noted in his review.

I seem to remember that I've seen the end of this movie somewhere...maybe on TV. If I recall, Berry kills off Ribisi, who's doing some two-timing of his own. It's all nonsense, and doesn't warrant anyone actually staying in the theatre (or on the couch) to watch this high-class garbage.
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