Saturday, July 09, 2011

Snow - I can do without it

As I write this, it feels as though it's going to snow, alsthough the sky is relatively clear. My fingers aren't quite sticking to the keyboard with the cold but I've just gone and put some fingerless gloves on, (which makes typing just that much more difficult - though I've found I can play the piano wearing fingerless gloves, which could be an advantage when playing in a cold hall).

My lack of interest in snow has to be balanced against the requirements of ski-fields and such for snow and more snow. Personally, while snow is beautiful, it's something I can do without. (I remember as a child walking for about 45 minutes to school the snow - no 'snow days' then - and arriving so frozen I was in tears; which didn't endear me either to my classmates or the teacher!)

But I realise a lot of people in this country thrive on snow - and a lot of the visitors too - which is no doubt why they like to read things like ski goggle reviews, things that hold no interest for me whatsoever.

Maybe that day of being frozen in the snow has traumatised me forever when it comes to snow....

Photo of Whakapapa by Ben Gertzfield
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