Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My nephew and his wife recently uploaded some photos of their UK coast-to-coast bicycle ride; they did the trip about a month ago. And it rained a good deal of the time.

One of photos intrigued us and with a bit of Google flitting hither and yon we finally discovered what the building was. In their original photo, they'd shown the building side on with other buildings reflected in it. The photo below is a more 'official' photo, one that appears on a site called Construction Photography.

The building is in Newcastle-on-Tyne, and is the SAGE Music Centre, a shell-shaped form encompassing three large music chambers with seating for over 2000 spectators.

Spectacular, eh? You can get a different perspective on it at this site, where there's a slide show of various angles. I particularly like number one in the series, with this extremely modern building overlooking a variety of old houses and their upstanding chimney pots.
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