Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Holidays and weight control don't mix

My initial reaction to something that advertises itself as entirely free – ‘no credit card is ever required’ – is that there must be some catch somewhere. But if there’s a catch with the MyFitnessPal.com site I can’t see what it is. They have a forum on the site too, for people to interact with each other, and reading through the various entries the comments seem to be pretty positive overall.
One of their main features is a free calorie counter and the use of a food database that keeps on growing as more people add items to it. Without becoming a member I can’t say much more about this, but obviously it’s working for some people who need to watch their weight.
Actually one of my recommendations for watching your weight is not to go on holiday! As soon as you’re out of your routine the calorie counting – or whatever it is you do to keep your weight under control – goes out the window!

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