Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's TRUE!

I’ve been looking at a site advertising various options for a Florida rental vacation. On the page listing related books I thought at first I saw one called Existential Florida. It could have been apt, listed as it was between the Lonely Planet and Rough Guides. But the fact is it was called Essential Florida. I think I like my version better.
Looking further into this site, I discover that Florida is the ‘entertainment capital of the world!’ (the exclamation mark is essential). The writer admits this is an overused phrase, but says it’s true. Later the same writer claims the expression ‘shop till you drop’ began in Florida. I have no way of verifying either of these statements, but I can bet your boots there’ll be other States claiming the same things!
And one other interesting point: there are several pages of testimonials. Surprisingly enough, some of them aren’t entirely positive. And some of them are fairly unreadable, as the original spelling and grammar has been left intact. Still, the majority claim their holiday with this particular company was ‘the best’, so that’s all a company can ask for, ain’t it?

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