Thursday, June 28, 2007

Round and round they go

When I came across the name, Whirlpool Dryers, I thought it must be a machine that had a new way of drying clothes. Nope. It’s the old tumble dryer that we know so well, the one that throws the clothes round and round until every inch of dampness has gone, and they come out smelling good and fresh. Just as if they’d been on the line all day in a good breeze – and a bit of sunshine.

So Whirlpool, as I discover, is a brand name, like General Electric. Look for Whirlpool Dryers on the Net and you’ll find a big range of them. One place that I tried checking them out on was They started up as recently as February this year, and they’re getting heaps of searches every day. They don’t just give you all the alternatives for Whirlpool Dryers, of course: any home appliance, from fridges (why is there a ‘d’ in fridge when there isn’t in refrigerator?) to stoves, from washing machines to dishwashers. (Apparently a bloke at the workplace I was recently at bought a dishwasher for the first time ever. He spent the first two nights watching it do its work!)

And in July they’re going to be adding other items: flat panel tvs, garden items, barbeques and you name it. The search engine seems to hone in on San Francisco for some reason, but I’m sure there’s a way of finding the appliances you want rather closer to home.

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