Friday, June 15, 2007

Because I Said So

The second movie shown on the Korean flight was a chick flick - and I use that word advisedly - called Because I Said So. I think. It starred Diane Keaton doing her most over the top and least subtle performance. Perhaps she thought it would give the thing some life. It’s a pathetic story that never works, and in the end drives you slightly crazy. Keaton plays an overprotective mother who can’t let her daughters go - particularly the one unmarried one. Her catchphrase is Because I Said So - hence the name of the movie. It was a shame this was the one shown as there quite a few other decent ones in the selection.
And the film got rather icky at one point, since the main character (Keaton’s daughter, Millie) was actually sleeping with both the guys she thought she was in love with. Hmm. When she had to admit this, at one point to her mother, and again to the two boyfriends - at different times - these were embarrassing moments that should have be excised from the script. If filmmakers didn’t throw their characters into bed all the time, it wouldn’t have been an issue. And it would have been a more romantic movie.

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