Sunday, December 31, 2006

A bagette is not a baguette

Okay, I'll admit my ignorance. When I first saw the word bagette on line, I immediately had a picture in mind of a two-foot long French loaf – well, wouldn’t you?

But no, a bagette (note the spelling) is something that might be called a handbag – though cosmetics bags, purses, keepsakes, key chains, and more come under the same umbrella. What distinguishes them from the ordinary handbag, cosmetics bag, purse, keepsake, key chain, and such is that these ones are personalized with a photograph that you’ve asked to be put on it. The photo won’t fade, and the material (high quality satin and canvas) isn’t altered by having a photo placed on it. So they’re Photo Purses amongst other things.

Okay, this isn’t an item I’m likely to order in the future, being a bloke. Though perhaps it’s time for male bagettes to come out of the closet – as it were. We could have, um, let’s see: wallets with our spouses/partners’ pictures, key rings with photos of the kids, a golf bag with me playing with the dog (if I had one – golf bag or dog).

The possibilities are actually endless, but I’m including some photos here of some of the cuties who do appear on bagettes in the site’s display.
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