Thursday, December 28, 2006

Charles Brown - dentist

Charlie Brown must be one of the most common names around, second only to Bill Smith. One list I found on the Net lists what looks like a couple of hundred of them, and that’s only the professionals with this name. One of these guys is Charles Brown DDS pc, who’s a dentist with an impeccable record – with a ‘history of zero complaints.’ I have to give credit to the English speakers of the USA persuasion. A history of zero complaints could easily be written as ‘No one has complained about him.’ Okay, that’s six words instead of four, but don’t they make more sense? Anyway, that doesn’t take away from Charles’ good work over the last decade. He’s listed as one of the region’s top dentists, and received the Quality Care Award and Resident of the Year award from UMMC (which could stand for the University of Maryland Medical Centre, or the United Memorial Medical Centre, or the University of Mississippi Medical Centre – or even the University Malaya Medical Centre. It’s no doubt more important to Charles than it is to me! And he’ll know which one it is.
Charles works at the Hayfield Dental Care Clinic.
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