Sunday, December 24, 2006


For some few weeks now I've been writing articles for Quazen is one of several interlinked sites that accept writing and photos from a wide variety of writers around the world. Some of them are prolific; I'm rather more limited in my publishing with them, but it's still a good way to keep your hand in. It doesn't require that difficult process of whether you'll be accepted or not by the publisher. Which of course means that all sorts of writing goes on these sites. In general, however, the writers are okay - know grammar and spelling and are interesting in their approach. There are links to all my other articles down on the right hand side of any Quazen page that has my stuff on it, if you go down far enough.

Something I hadn't noticed about the pieces you submit, until recently, is that they turn into advertisements: words scattered throughout your piece will be highlighted and, when you pass your mouse over them, you see a mini-ad appear. Not all of them are like this, but the one I've linked to, in particular, has several 'hidden' ads.

And that's apart from the several Google ads that appear down the left hand column.
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