Sunday, December 24, 2006

Poems on Authspot

Another one of the Quazen family is Authspot. This is where the more literary submissions go. I've sent four of my poems there. It doesn't look as though poetry readers are ad-spotted in the same way article readers are, which is a plus.

I've got other poetry on the Net, most particularly on my other website at Geocities. These poems have been written over a long period - I'm not a regular poetry-writer, as in I have to write a poem a day. With me, poems either get written when I'm on a bit of a roll, get revised later, get revised again, sometimes again, and sometimes never go further than that initial spasm. I'm actually a published poet - beyond the Net - by one. A smallish poem called Morning, Maori Rd was published this year in the Otago Daily Times, in their regular Monday column. But short of sitting down and spending a lot more time writing poems, it isn't likely I'm ever going to have my own Collected Works...
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