Saturday, December 09, 2006

Technorati and some other techno things

Technorati Profile

I'm now one of the literati listed on Technorati. Ain't that something? One of the billions of literati, I might add.

Came across a very handy tool the other day - while traversing the world of blogs. It's called RoboForm, and it saves you having to put in user names and passwords time and again. Once you've put the info in for the first time, and saved it with RoboForm, it will add the info next time around at the click of a button. Great!

Don't you hate blogs that aren't clear about how to do something? I've just been to Bloggers for Hire which sounds like a promising place to get paid for blogging. I'm blowed if I can figure out how to actually sign up with them...indeed their home page doesn't focus on hiring blogs at all, but is an ordinary everyday blog. There's a link to learning more about their service, but it doesn't seem to go anywhere useful, except to a forum page where it tells you that 'Yes, we're hiring' but doesn't say how to get hired. Or else I'm just tired, and can't find it. But why the heck don't site designers make things easy for people instead of irritating.
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