Saturday, December 30, 2006

Is it a podcast? Is it YouTube?'s Filmation!!

There's no end to the tricky techniques people are coming up with on the Net to do old things in new ways. Filmation is, in its basic approach, a way of taking the pictures you might have as a slide show or power point presentation and timing them so that they fit into a recorded narration. But it's far more than this: you can use movies as well as stills, and you can add music and rearrange the whole caboodle to your heart's content.

The auteur of the system is someone who calls himself Agent Bleu - his nom de plume, certainment - and it's designed to make things easy for l'amateur: you don't have to spend les heures putting together le Point Power (when mon fils did one of these for my Concert in Septembre it seemed to take tout le nuit, and he's no slug on the computer), but you can use the software on Filmator's site and work from there. There's an instruction filmation to the way the system works on the Filmator site.

Mr Bleu - or should that be Mr Agent? - provides a service to businesses (commercial users are charged) and artists (free) to make their Flash presentations and distribute them to a global audience without the need of any software or programming knowledge. Users can then embed these into their own sites.

The thing about the Filmation method is that someone can produce one of these 'films' and leave it to work for itself indefinitely. Your online presentation won't be a one-off like it would be if it was a power point in a lecture, or marketing situation.
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