Sunday, December 24, 2006

Extracts from writers

At one stage I produced a kind of daily extract from a writer, which I called The Daily Writer, on my old website. This is not to be confused with The Daily Writer, which I produced for OC Books - it ran for around four or five years, almost daily, until I resigned from the bookstore.

I'd quite like to do that again, although it was quite a task. The quotes I include in this current blog are a little easier, as they've been specifically collected. With the extracts, it was always a matter of finding an extract that worked on its own. I got used to doing it at the shop, and managed to get one out nearly every day (and sell books as a result of it), but doing it just for the sake of it isn't so easy. Still it's an enjoyable way of reminding yourself of books on your shelf that you've read - or even of ones that you haven't read!
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