Sunday, December 24, 2006

Not everything appears on Quazen

Not all of the recent little articles I've written appear on Quazen. There's something called Socyberty - which I presume is pronounced So- sigh-bertie rather than Sockie-bertie, which is how it looks to me at a glance. Or there's Relijournal. Neither Socyberty or Relijournal have as many readers as Quazen, if I read the stats are correctly. Certainly I don't make as much money off those two as off the others. Though even with Quazen it depends which area your article gets included in. One piece on the Transit of Mercury is in Quazen Astronomy. It's made very little money, but it's interesting that when you pass the mouse over 'Mercury' it comes up with a little ad for Mercury Dealer Bargains! Rather like those Google Ads, every once in a while the connections are a bit obscure!
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