Sunday, December 10, 2006

Big Idea and Opera Critic

The world is awash with websites, as we know, but you'd think I'd have some better idea of what's available in a country as small as NZ, especially in the Arts scene. Yet until today I hadn't heard of either The Opera Critic or The Big Idea, both of which are well-established websites relating to the arts. The first, of course, is focused on Opera, but the second covers arts in the widest sense.

I read about the The Opera Critic in today's Sunday Star Times weekend magazine, Sunday, which I normally don't think much of, but today it had three pieces that were worth looking at. Maybe it's improved since I last checked it out. (I used to buy the SST all the time, because it was full of long opinion pieces and good material, but it went off the boil quite a bit for a while, and certainly wasn't worth the money you had to fork out for it.)

The Big Idea came to me from the Scoop archives, where they had an article about the site celebrating its fifth year. Five years - and I've never heard of it. Website advertising is sure a difficult task...

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