Monday, August 06, 2007

Art processes

A couple of weeks or so ago I wrote about the giclée process in which original art work is reproduced to such a high standard that it’s almost identical to the original painting. And I spoke about atelier too, where the artist adds real paint and real brush strokes to a copy. Curiously enough, when I entered the two words into Google just now I came across a painting called Mon Atelier by Lucie Attinger, done in the giclée process.
What reminded me of this is that I was visiting the site I’ve written about before called Coupon Chief, and found that a company called Brushstrokes is producing ‘original’ works in this way, although they don’t actually mention either of the words Giclée or Atelier.
Brushstrokes have a number of specials going at any time - up to 50% off. Quite a deal on an almost original painting. And I like the way their site works: when you roll your mouse over a picture it automatically enlarges. I’ve seen this before on some other art sites, and it’s very effective.
Brushstrokes sells both old masters and original works by artists like Gary Holland, Curt Walters, Charles Pabst, Alexei Adamov and Julia Klimova. (For your first purchase you can get 10% off the price.) Some of this work is a bit too sentimental for my taste, though at least it doesn’t sink to the level of Thomas Kinkade!

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