Wednesday, August 15, 2007

You want Random? This is Random.

I could have called this post the Second Lesson in Writing Random Notes, because it is really a thoroughly random list of people who've appeared on my blog at some time or other, and who now come together (like strangers at a party) only because someone has searched for them and found a reference to them on my blog.
Composers, painters and writers are turning up on my HitTail reports with regularity. Gao Ping, Gareth Farr, Trevor Coleman and even Vaughan Williams amongst the composers; Karl Maugham amongst the artists, and a really mixed bunch of writers: Studdert Kennedy (Woodbine Willie), Fred Reinfield the chess writer, Anthony Berkeley Cox the mystery novelist, Colin Cotterill (who wrote The Coroner’s Lunch), James Berardinelli the film reviewer, my friend Sanchona, whose first novel A Family of Strangers is selling steadily, Winifred Kavalieris the poet, George Monibot who writes in The Guardian and Murray Grimwood who wrote in the Otago Daily Times.
Equally those two favourite subjects: fallacious arguments and athletes’ feet and fingers are having a field day, as they nearly always do. I wonder if those people who are into SEO realise just how interested people are in fallacious arguments and athletes’ feet/fingers.
And the oddball searchers turned up the following. Yoko Ono and her supposed appearance in Lost in Translation was searched for by a Norwegian user, and someone wanted to know about dockominium depreciation. The Fibonacci sequence of numbers came up; Wymondham newts; Centrum Laban, a site I mentioned in passing and about which I know next to nothing because it’s in Spanish; the pronunciation of Popadics, that young lady who is engaged to a football player; and views on the ballpoint pen by non-regular users. Hmm, I wonder what that user thought of the results?
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