Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More on Advertising on Blogs

I now write for several different sites that pay bloggers to include posts in their blogs with some advertising in them. I’ve discussed the issues of this before, so won’t be going into it again, except to say that someone contacted me a few weeks ago on the subject and said that there were other ways to make money on the Net. I’m going to get back to her in due course - in fact should get back to her sooner than in due course - but in the meantime, I’m just making a note here about another site where you can get blog for money called Smorty. I thought I’d done this before on one of my blogs, but can’t find any post coming up when I do a search.
Anyway, Smorty’s claim to fame, perhaps, is that it’s a site that’s been going quite well for a few months, but has very few opportunities on it. Four, in fact! And I’ve used them all up.
This seems to happen with these sites, sometimes. They start off with a whiz and a bang, and then suddenly there are just no more opportunities available. Can’t quite figure it out, but it happens. There are at least two other similar sites that I’ve been involved with.
Anyway, if someone wants to do pay per posts and would like four opportunities, Smorty is the place to go!

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