Monday, August 06, 2007

Church Street Gallery, Cromer

While in Cromer I went to the Church Street Gallery which is on the main street. They had a lovely exhibition of etchings by Kathleen Craddock which focused on wintry countrysides, gaunt trees and the sun low in the sky. The colours were all sombre, yet they works were very appealing. David Carson Shaw was also on show, and his colour palette is the opposite: greens and blues and reds and yellows, done in oils but with the feel of pastels. His works are small (with large frames) and require attention, as they’re full of little details that aren’t noticeable on first glance. And there was a third artist who painted misty beach scenes, or scenes near a beach perhaps, in which a solitary figure is almost melting into the background, and looks as if he’s been caught contemplating when he should have been doing something else. I thought I'd lost his name, but it's John Bond.
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