Sunday, August 19, 2007

American Opera Composers

Okay, so who is D C Meckler, and who are Joyce Whitelaw and Eddie Orton?
I can’t tell you a lot about David Meckler, since the page that most relates to him is out of date by about five years. Still you’ll get some info about him, and there's a photo at the left. It looks as though he works, or has worked at Cañada College and taught/teaches various classes there. He’s composed a wide range of music, from chamber to opera.
I can’t tell you a lot about Eddie Orton, apart from what’s written in this article that appeared just before the opera was premiered in 2000. But Joyce Whitelaw has her own website; she’s even taken the title of the opera she wrote as it’s domain name. She’s a pianist, a singer and composer - and she plays a mean game of golf. You can even hear her sing All the Things You Are on her website (and it‘s not too bad at all), and listen to some excerpts from Il Giocatore (which didn’t quite grab me on first hearing, but maybe they’ll grow on me.)

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