Monday, August 20, 2007

Staff not well provided for?

One other thing I noticed about the movie, The Bourne Ultimatum, was that all the people in the top positions had desks that were very commonplace, and not at all indicative of their status. What’s the point of being executives if you can’t have executive desks? Is this telling us that the CIA doesn’t provide well for its staff? Even the offices were pokey. And as for the people doing all that typing and watching of CCTV monitors and figuring out who‘s on what phone, they were crammed into spaces that you’d hardly call workable. With all that tension going on, the need for top quality deodorants would be essential.
On one hand you have Jason Bourne with a bank balance that seems to have no limits (though he does travel by train and ferry rather than plane, which is commendable in these carbon footprint days), and on the other you have staff with skills far beyond the range of mere mortals sitting at work stations that barely give them elbow room. Time for the CIA to spend money where it really counts, I’d say.

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