Thursday, August 23, 2007

Book of the Week

Okay, book of the week: The Encyclopedia of Nutritional Supplements by Michael Murray. 576 pages of information on improving your health naturally. I thought it was only sports people who took nutritional supplements, but seems like everyone and his brother/sister is into it.
I find it hard to imagine anyone working their way through nearly 600 pages of stuff on such a topic, but plainly I’m lacking in imagination. As one reviewer on puts it: This is an excellent reference book on vitamins and other nutritional supplements and a "must have" for those interested in learning more about improving their health naturally. It is very well laid out and chock-a-block full of useful information on the dosage, available forms and reasons why each supplement is beneficial. It makes me more confident when I'm shopping for supplements and I'm able to avoid making mistakes buying "snake oil" or empty supplements that have little nutritional value. Thank you Dr. Murray.
I just had a thought. Maybe this is the book to check up on when you’re trying to find out about athlete’s foot and athlete’s fingers, as so many people on Google seem to be doing. And since sportspeople are amongst the highest users of nutritional supplements, the book must surely contain something about this topic.

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