Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cinema seats

Perhaps you think I only ever watch old movies, from the way I talk in some of my posts. That’s not the case, really. We almost went to see a new movie tonight, until my wife decided she couldn’t be bothered going out and sitting in the uncomfortable seats at the cinema when she could stay home (and watch an old movie). There’s something about the cinema seats they provide now. They’ve made them more roomy, so you’re not all cramped up against your next-door neighbours, but in the process they’ve given you so much room that you can only lean your elbows on one side at a time. And then the make the depth of the seat – from the back to the front where your legs hang over – comfortable for people with long legs, but not for those with short ones. Consequently, when you’ve been sitting on them a while, you start to slide forward and your bum starts to ache – or your back. It’s no wonder we sit at home and watch DVDs.
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